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Weighing up “Opex” and “Capex” challenges can be complex and on top of this making sure your workforce is fully mobile and secure comes with more questions than answers.

With the world of IT and Telecoms ever changing and merging the way we all work and access information and backend systems has been transformed.

Devices have become more powerful/smarter and with the introduction of cloud platforms, companies are finding it harder and harder to make sure they have the right managed secure solutions in place.

The workforce expects to be mobile and flexible and wants to have information to hand when visiting customers. This challenges IT Teams and organisations on a daily basis, information has to be available and secure and this can be complex.

Our experience in designing IT platforms and Telecoms Networks that integrate your fixed and mobile infrastructure can offer huge benefits to your workforce as well as expenditure savings.

Whether it is advice on internet access and security, designing a multi-site MPLS network or integrating your IT platforms Innovation Squad can work with your organisation to make sure you are making the right decisions.


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